As a result of the war, many Ukrainians lost not only their homes, but also their jobs and income. Paying for rehabilitation is not a priority when people cannot even meet their own basic needs. That is why Way to Health aims to rehabilitate war victims free of charge. In this way, they help their fellow countrymen to function as independently as possible and give them the space to rebuild their lives with dignity.

Way to Health could use your support and welcomes different ways to help:

Thanks to your donation, Way to Health can rehabilitate patients free of charge. You can make a one-off donation with no strings attached.  For example, you can donate €8.00 for a shoulder massage, €15.00 for a session with a psychotherapist, €20.00 for a full course of physiotherapy and €25.00 for the use of virtual reality to treat - amongst else - phantom pain. The average cost of a complete rehabilitation course for a patient is €1,200.00.

Of course, you can choose the amount you want to donate. If you would like to become a regular donor and support Way to Health on a monthly basis with a fixed amount, that's absolutely fantastic. 

Would you like to support Way to Health? Then click on DONATE and become a donor.

Buying the right equipment is expensive and often unavailable in a country at war. Way to Health urgently needs several pieces of medical equipment designed for physiotherapists and suitable for cardiorespiratory training, rehabilitation and strength training. Equipment for ultrasound, high energy inductive therapy and shock wave therapy is needed to provide appropriate support. Way to Health can also use standard medical equipment such as treatment tables, functional beds, computer equipment and other materials needed for both patient rehabilitation and administrative use.

Would you like to help Way to Health by donating equipment and/or materials? Please fill in this FORM and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Extra hands are always welcome. Use your knowledge and experience as a rehabilitation professional to help Way to Health patients. Working in the nearby war zone is a challenging experience that can set you apart from your colleagues, especially given the variety of injuries and patients you will be treating. Way to Health staff will, of course, guide you well and take all possible safety precautions.

If you would like to find out more about this unique opportunity to support Way to Health, please send us an EMAIL with a short motivation and your CV. Our professionals will contact you as soon as possible.